The Wine Conversation – 2009 Bordeaux Review: In conversation with Jane Anson and Justin Gibbs

By February 26, 2021Press coverage

The Wine Conversation takes a deep dive into the 2009 Bordeaux vintage. Sarah Kemp talks to Bordeaux expert Jane Anson and Justin Gibbs of Liv-Ex about this remarkable vintage to assess whether it has lived up to its reputation 12 years on. Jane discusses the conditions which made this legendary vintage, and notes which wines are worth keeping, which are worth drinking, and which are past their best. Justin Gibbs explains how 2009 prices were born out of the 2008 vintage, and why 2009 was the most profitable vintage ever for the châteaux and merchants. They discuss the Parker effect and whether the fact he scored 16 wines a perfect 100 points still carries weight today.

Listen to the podcast here.