LIVE opportunities: Your 2021 trade currency update

Find out the significance of your currency in the fine wine secondary market.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 – the daily measure of the Bordeaux First Growths – rose 3.56% in 2020. The index, which is denominated in Sterling was very stable throughout the year, as shown by the gently rising burgundy coloured line in the chart below.

The year 2020 in the broader financial context will not be remembered as a year of stability. Quite the opposite. Volatility was seen in currency, commodity, bond and equity markets across the globe as macro-economic data gyrated with the various (and changing) actions governments took to get on top of the Covid pandemic. This volatility is revealed when the LX50 is viewed in alternative currencies.

Despite some recent strengthening of Sterling, when viewed in alternative currencies, the Fine Wine 50 appears cheaper than the start of 2020.

If you have clients looking to buy into this stability (or take advantage of the value if viewed in JPY, EUR, CHF), it is worth a glimpse at the Opportunities ‘Blue-Chip Bordeaux’ page where you will find the most liquid wines of Bordeaux ranked by their value against Market Price.

Bordeaux Blue Chip Opportunities