Talking Trade – Saturnalia offers a glimpse on 2020

The team at Ticinum Aerospace released their 2020 Bordeaux harvest report this week which included their top scoring wines of the vintage. Using a combination of satellite and ground data which is then applied to their algorithm, they analyse a vintage’s quality, offering an early insight into next year’s release. Last year, there was less than a one-point difference in average score when compared to the scores of Vinous’s Antonio Galloni– shown in the chart below.

This week, Bordeaux made up 36.3% of secondary market trade by value, showing a steady share against October’s average. But there is little doubt that in 2020 the fine wine market has become a lot broader. This is the third consecutive week of elevated trade suggesting November is set to be one of the busiest months of the year.

Burgundy (23.3%) trade increased this week, helped again by white Burgundy (6.3%). Champagne (10.8%), Italy (15.2%) and Others (8.0%) all made gains on the week. Others’ trade was led by good volumes from Chile and Portugal, seen below.

The Rhone (2.4%) and USA (4.0%) both drifted.

Mondavi & Chadwick, Sena 2017 was this week’s most traded wine by value, boosting Chile’s regional sales to a weekly high. The 2013 vintage also found the bid yet at a slight discount (£748), despite carrying an identical critic score (96, WA).

‘Others’ trade was also boosted by Whitwhams, Millenium Port 1880. A wine with quite a story. Jancis Robinson awarded it 18/20 points noting it was, “long, rich with some rancio notes. Still lots of life and lively. Super racy and fresh.”

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