LIVE opportunities: a record-breaking September for USA

This September, trade share by value for the USA rose to a record level of 8.7% of total trade.

Trade for the region is up 483% year on year with the number of distinct wines traded up 318% at the LWIN11 level.

The increased trade has been split evenly among the four major regions, with the UK, USA and Europe all reaching record levels of buying in September – Asia had its second largest month of the year.

Several Californian wines were released in September – Opus One 2017, Joseph Phelps Insignia 2017 and Verite 2017 – which seemed to give focus to the region and to back vintages, all of which saw trade. However, it was the newly released 2017 vintage, of which there is nearly £100k LIVE, that was the most traded vintage in the month.

Napa Valley still dominates, it made up 73.8% of trade by value but that is down from 91.5% in September 2019. Smaller regions are starting to pull more weight, Sonoma County had one of its largest months of trade along with the Sonoma Coast, Paso Robles and Santa Cruz Mountains.

There are over £1.7m of United States LIVE offers – including 20 different vintages of Screaming Eagle and starting at just £10 per bottle for Morgan Bay Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon 2014.

LIVE USA Offers 

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