LIVE opportunities: large volume offers (30 – 500 cases)

Attached are 288 large volume offers ranging from 30 six packs to upwards of 500 6x75s.

Over one third of the offers are below £20 per bottle and a fifth of those are below £10.

Of the 288 wines offered, 131 are from Bordeaux, 72 are from Italy, and 30 are from Champagne – the remaining are split between 15 different regions, leaving plenty of choice.

Many of these wines are being offered at a discount to market price. This includes 30 cases of 98-point (AG) Cristal 2012 (4.1% below market), 50 cases of 98-point (RP) Promontory 2013 (9.8% below market), from the Rhone, 50 cases of Guigal Cotes Du Rhone 2015 (15% below market), 50 cases of Bouchard Pere et Fils Meursault Clous 2017 (5.6% below market), and 49 12x75s of Chateau Grand Puy Ducasse 2014 (12% below market).

Time perhaps to consider Christmas festivities?

LIVE large quantity offers