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The year so far: top price performers

It is no surprise that the top price performers in Q1 came from the best performing Liv-ex indices: the Italy 100 and Rhone 100, which have moved 0.59% and -0.78% respectively 

As outlined by our latest report on the region, the wines of Italy have performed well in recent years. As for Rhone, the region has seen a 23% increase in the trade price per case when compared to Q1 in 2019. 

Overall, the top price performer on Liv-ex in Q1 is Sassicaia 2009, which has moved up 17.3% since the new year. It is closely followed by its northern neighbourGaja, Sori San Lorenzo 2011, which has increased 16.6%. Additionally, there are three more Italian wines; two Super Tuscans from the 2013 vintage, Sassicaia and Solaia, up 12.0% and 11.8% respectively, trailed by Masseto 2007, up 8.9%. 

While Italy has established itself as a mainstay in fine wine performance, the Rhone, a perennial underperformer, has brought itself to the forefront as a region to keep a close eye on for the duration of the year.