Wine Spectator names its #1 wine of the year 2019

Earlier today, Wine Spectator announced the highly anticipated news of its number one wine of the year: Leoville Barton 2016.

Senior Editor James Molesworth explained the decision in a short video on the publication’s website. He says:

“For its long family tradition, for its excellent quality in a superb vintage, for its relative value, the Leoville Barton St Julien 2016 is Wine Spectator’s wine of the year for 2019.”

Since being crowned wine of the year by the influential American publication, Leoville Barton 2016 has seen a flurry of trading activity and rising prices. This began to take place almost immediately after the announcement was made.

The first trade of the day took place at £700 per 12×75. The highest (so far) has been at £1,038 for two six packs. This represents a leap of 48%.

At the time of writing, the lowest current offer is at £488 for a six pack.

Users of Liv-ex’s new website will be able to see new bids and offers for the wine appearing in near-real time, and much faster than on the original site. Click here to view the wine on Liv-ex.

Last year: The Sassicaia 2015 story

Last year, Sassicaia 2015 saw a similar uptick in prices and activity after being named wine of the year by the publication. Its trade price rose from £1,320 per 12×75 to £1,782 almost overnight, a rise of 34%.  It has sustained this level since, as the chart below shows.

Wine Spectator’s top ten wines of the year 2019

The other wines in Wine Spectator’s top ten come from a number of regions. The San Guisto Chianti Classico offers the lowest entry point for anyone looking for a taste of the top ten, while Chile’s Almaviva 2016 currently commands the highest. Fellow Bordeaux 2016, Pichon Baron, also made the top ten.

The full list of Wine Spectator’s top 100 will be published on Monday on the publication’s website.