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Regional market share – a continuation of the past?

In our last yearly update on the shape of the fine wine market, we noted its continuous broadening – more wines from more regions attracting buying interest. So far, 2019 has not only sustained this trend of diversification but has also seen Burgundy’s trade share by value reach a new record.

Burgundy’s average share has risen from 14.5% in 2018 to 18.4% this year, peaking in May when the region hit a monthly high of 22.6%. This consequently affected Bordeaux’s activity, which fell to its lowest level for the year (55.3%) that month.

Still, Bordeaux’s share has seen little volatility, trading in the 55%-62% range. Prices for Bordeaux have also held steady this year, evident in the performance of the Bordeaux 500 index.

Burgundy’s share, on the other hand, has been rising in the context of its declining market. The Burgundy 150 has dipped 6.2% year-to-date, a possibility we discussed in our special report ‘Burgundy: in the spotlight’. More Burgundy stock has also become available, a sign perhaps that interest has started to shift towards other regions.

Within the fine wine world, Champagne has seen the most volatile activity, disguised under the surface of a flat average yearly share. The region accounted for only 4% of the total trade by value in April but hit an all-time monthly record of 19.3% in June.

Tune back in December for the final numbers for 2019.

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