Ten years on: Right Bank 2009

As part of our series on Bordeaux 2009 ten years on, today’s blog looks at the price variations of wines from the Liv-ex Right Bank 50 and Right Bank 100 indices. Like the Left Bank representatives, which we examined last weekmost of the wines from the Right Bank have risen in value since release 

Right Bank 50 

Within the Right Bank 50, Le Pin has seen the greatest price variationThe wine was released at £16,500 per 12×75 and currently commands a Market Price of £38,000, a 130increase.  

Petrusreleased at £25,900 per 12×75, dipped to £22,452 in 2015. It is now available at £35,000 – a peak price for the wine. 

Both Ausone and Cheval Blanc have fallen in price since release, down 28% and 12% respectively. 

Right Bank 100 

Of the wines in the Right Bank 100Clos Fourtet has seen the biggest variation in priceThe wine was released at £695 per 12×75 and now commands a Market Price of £2,050 per 12×75 – an increase of 195%.  

Fleur Petrus has also risen by an impressive 126% and is currently within 2% of its recent peak o£2,150. 

Within the Right Bank 100, only Eglise Clinet and Coinsellante have fallen in value – by 31% and 5% respectively. 

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