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James Suckling announces his 2018 wine of the year

Yesterday, James Suckling released his report, ‘Savour the Greatness’, which announced his top 100 wines of 2018 and his wine of the year.

In the report, Suckling said that he “knew back in 2016 what would be the wine of the year in 2018” because he was “blown away by the superb quality of the 2015 vintage” in Bordeaux.

Canon 2015 – Wine of the year

Suckling awarded 11 wines a perfect 100-point score, but named Canon 2015 as his ‘wine of the year’. The critic said that it was his “favourite perfect wine of the 2015 vintage” and the “wine of a lifetime”.

In his tasting note, Suckling described Canon 2015 as “seductive” and “perfect”. He also noted its “silky and deep, ribbon-like finish”.

Overall, Suckling said that “Bordeaux dominated the list with almost two dozen wines and rightly so considering the greatness of the 2015”. He went on to say that this year’s list “has so many exceptional wines” and “they are wines that all of us dream about drinking again and enjoying a moment with family and friends to taste and savour their greatness”.

James Suckling’s 100 point wines of 2018 can be found in the table below. You can read the full report at

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