Webinar replay: Spot opportunities faster with Wine Matcher

By October 16, 2018Member updates

Last week’s webinar on Wine Matcher – How to spot opportunities faster – is now available to view online.

Liv-ex members have now used Wine Matcher to process over 7 million lines of price data. They tell us that it saves them valuable time when looking at lists.

“I can save a couple of hours on a big list, but it’s not just about saving time. It means that I can look at more lists than I could before – more offers, from more people.” – Liv-ex member

In the webinar, we:

  • Offer a live demonstration of Wine Matcher
  • Show how you can use it to save time when looking for opportunities on lists
  • Answer questions from merchants in our Q&A

To view the presentation, follow the link below. You just need to enter your email address and hit play.