How is changing – an update

By March 22, 2018Liv-ex updates

The following update was sent to members this afternoon. We are sharing it to keep you updated on the exciting changes happening at this year.  If you are already a Liv-ex member and have questions on any of this, your Account Manager will be able to help. If you are not yet a Liv-ex member but would be interested in joining, you can find contact information here.

A new look at Liv-ex

You will, no doubt, have noticed a few changes on in the past few days. Over the weekend, we switched over to our new website (pre-login). We should stress that this is just a first step in a major overhaul of all Liv-ex technology as we seek to transform the way we deliver our services. We hope that the new website better reflects how Liv-ex can help you and your business in 2018.

In trading, you’ve helped us to build a broader and deeper fine wine market. Total exposure on the market currently stands at a near-record high of £42 million and the number of different wines trading has more than doubled to 5,800 since 2012. Several members are now using DMA – Direct Market Access – to connect Liv-ex bids and offers to their customers. As such, by listing bids and offers on Liv-ex you are now connecting with tens of thousands of consumers, restaurants, hotels and other end users around the world through our global network of wine merchants. This is a profound change and a big new opportunity for all of our members.

In data, we’ve grown our list of LWINs to over 60,000 and our database of prices to over 60 million. A host of APIs enable you to bring these inside your own systems automatically and view them your way. Wine Matcher, a web-based tool, allows you to match prices to your list in minutes. We’re excited to see you increasingly make use of the opportunities this offers.

In settlement, we now connect countries in the US, Europe and Asia to the global market via our extensive network of collection and delivery services, and we commit to paying you for trades within seven days.

Finding your way around

We hope that you’ll find your way around the new pages easily, but below are three of the major changes to this part of the site.

Our News & Insights (blog) area has now become part of our main website. You can find a link to it on the top navigation. Its organisation remains much the same as before, with the indices included, and our En Primeur section will be added next week.

Information for developers can be found at A link to this is in the footer. It contains all of the details and documentation that that you need to make use of our tech offering. The LWIN database can also be found in this section.

We’ve introduced a new Knowledge area, which contains articles on various Liv-ex features and services, ranging from What is Special Now to How to use Wine Matcher. You can find it at, or the link is in the footer.

What’s coming next?

Our online developments are not going to stop after you log in. When we surveyed members last year, one of the things that kept coming up was the need to trade easily on mobile, so over the coming months, we’ll be gradually rolling out a new, mobile-friendly trading platform for you to use.

Next week, you’ll notice a button on the home page inviting you to try our beta trading platform. On it, you’ll be able to:

  • View recent activity for the most searched for wines
  • Search for individual wines, and view bids and offers according to pack size
  • Trade (SIB) by placing bids and offers

The existing platform will also remain available for you to use. Next week’s release represents stage one of the project; by no means the final product. We’re releasing it in its infancy so that we can learn what works best for you as we go. Any feedback that you have (please let your Account Manager know) will help us build a better Liv-ex experience for everyone.

On behalf of all of us at Liv-ex, we would like to thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

The Liv-ex Team