Sassicaia 2015 released

Sassicaia 2015 has been released at £1,130 per 12×75. It is available pre-release and will be shipped in summer 2018. At this price, it is currently available below most other recent vintages in the market as the chart above shows.

The Wine Advocate’s Monica Larner commented that the wine has “pungent blueberry primary aromas” and awarded it 91-93 points in barrel.

James Suckling was more generous in his tasting note and awarded the wine 98 points. He described it as “a classic Sassicaia”.

Prices for Sassicaia are not closely correlated to critic scores. Instead they follow the traditional pricing pattern for fine wine where vintages appreciate in price with the passing of time, as the chart above shows. In fact, there is a strong 89% correlation between price and age for recent vintages.

Based on today’s release, Liv-ex’s ‘fair value’ methodology places the wine marginally above the trend line. Buyers looking for value, therefore, may also consider the 2014 vintage. The wine has a higher score from The Wine Advocate and is available at a similar level to the 2015.

Although above the trend line, the 2013 vintage also looks attractive. The wine has an equal score to the older 2008 vintage but is available at a 17.8% discount.

Guidalberto 2016 and Le Difese 2016 have also been released. The wines are available at £240 and £130 per 12×75 respectively.

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