New Video: Connect with the global fine wine market

By February 21, 2018Fine Wine Market

Our new video, released today, sums up Liv-ex in under 60 seconds. The video explores how Liv-ex’s data, trading and settlement services help fine wine merchants to grow their businesses. You can watch the video, and find out more about Liv-ex services, below.

Fine wine merchants: why join Liv-ex?

Trade – Market access

As a member of Liv-ex, you can grow your network by becoming part of the largest pool of fine wine merchants globally, giving you unparalleled opportunities to buy and sell wine. Every process can be automated, helping you to scale your business. In fact, you can now make £40m+ worth of firm bids and offers available to your customers automatically.

Every trade on Liv-ex is guaranteed, meaning each case of wine that you purchase will be delivered in the correct condition. Our standard trading contracts ensure that you know exactly what you are bidding on.

Trusted data

Liv-ex membership allows you access to the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine prices. It is the only source of fine wine data in the world that is based on real merchant transactions, rather than advertised prices which can be inaccurate and out of date. This is why our data is relied upon by the world’s biggest fine wine players and quoted by media outlets including Reuters and Bloomberg.

Settlement simplified

From order through payment to delivery, all transactions are expertly cared for by us. This reduces the cost of trading, saves time and eliminates risk. You will always receive payment promptly for your Liv-ex trades because we pay weekly. No more waiting around.



Find out more

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