The most searched for wines in 2017 by merchant location

By August 10, 2017Fine Wine Market

Yesterday we examined the most viewed wines on Liv-ex this year, based on visits to wine pages from January until July 2017. Today’s post looks at the most viewed wines by merchant location.

To do this, we categorised Liv-ex members into four groups based on region: Asia, Europe, the U.K and the USA. We then looked at the most searched for LWIN7* and LWIN11 for each of these groups.

The table below shows the most searched for wines so far in 2017 for the four regions mentioned above.

As the table shows, the First Growths dominate top searches in both the U.K and Asia. The USA bucks the trend slightly: its most searched for wines are Pontet Canet, Cos d’Estournel and Lynch Bages. Although four of the five First Growths are in the top ten for the USA, Latour does not make the cut.

Historically, Asia has led the market demand for Lafite. However, this year the most searched for wine in the region is Mouton Rothschild. Lafite is the most searched for wine in Europe and the U.K.

Europe is the only region to include the Right Bank’s Petrus and Angelus in its most searched for wines.

most viewed wines

When the top searches are ranked by LWIN11, which includes vintage, Lafite Rothschild once again dominates in the U.K and Europe. The 2014 vintage is the most popular, topping searches in both regions.

Unlike the other regions, searches in Asia include vintages from the 1990s. The 1995 and 1998 vintages of Mouton Rothschild are both featured within the top ten searches.

The USA is the only region to include a wine not from Bordeaux in their top searched-for wines. Dom Perignon 2006 is the seventh most searched for wine in the region.


*LWIN is a universal wine identifier that corresponds to details of a selected wine. For example, LWIN7 is a seven-digit number that corresponds to a wine name, e.g. Lafite Rothschild. LWIN11 is an 11-digit number that considers both the wine name and the vintage, e.g. Mouton Rothschild 2014. For more information on LWIN, please click here.

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