Petit Mouton 2016 released

Petit Mouton 2016

Petit Mouton has been released at €135 per bottle ex-negociant, a 32.4% increase on the 2015’s opening price of €102. It is being offered by UK merchants for £1,644 per case, up 44.2% in sterling terms on the 2015 release of £1,140 per 12×75.

Critics have scored this Petit Mouton higher than recent vintages. Neal Martin awarded a score of 92-94 points, noting that “this has great potential thanks to the sheer quality of the tannins here.”

Prices for Petit Mouton are not closely correlated to critic scores. Instead they follow the traditional pricing pattern for fine wine where vintages appreciate in price with the passing of time, as the chart below shows. This year’s Petit Mouton is entering the market at a release price higher than ever before, yet the appreciation in value of other vintages means it is the second cheapest available.

Buyers looking for value might consider the 2012, which is the lowest priced recent vintage available.

Petit Mouton 2016

Aile d’Argent has also been released this morning at €52 per bottle ex-negociant, the same release price as last year. UK merchants are offering the wine for £648 per case.

Liv-ex members can see ongoing real time prices for Petit Mouton on Market View.


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