Hong Kong Economic Times interviews Liv-ex Director James Miles


In June, The Hong Kong Economic Times Ltd interviewed Liv-ex Managing Director James Miles. In the interview, James discusses his personal links to Hong Kong, background as a stock analyst and interest in wine. He says that he became interested in the possibility of creating Liv-ex after realising that, “the wine market was like a very unsophisticated stock market. If we could establish an exchange to increase efficiency and transparency, the risk of investment can be reduced greatly”.

James continues to explain the similarities between the Liv-ex indices and the US stock markets, suggesting: “[They are] just like the US stock index, US Dow Jones 30 index, S&P 500 index and Russell 2000 index”.

The interview continues to cover how China has influenced the market in recent years, both towards its 2011 peak and subsequent decline. James then discusses the wines of Bordeaux with a focus on Lafite 1982’s international popularity.

The interview was originally published in Chinese. To download a translation of the interview in English, please click here. For the Chinese version, click here.

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