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How to make the most of your Liv-ex membership: step 5

By October 28, 2015Member updates

lightbulbStep 5: Buy with confidence  

Every trade on Liv-ex is governed by a pre-agreed contract. 80% are Standard In Bond (SIB), while 20% are Special

SIB vs Special


SIB contracts simplify trade and enable you to place bids on wines with complete confidence, reducing time spent on condition checks.

Special contracts may not be SIB, but this does not mean that they aren’t in perfect condition. Specials offer a wealth of opportunities to trade: they may be listed on account of how quickly the stock can be delivered, whether it is duty paid, or whether there are a minimum number of cases for sale.

How can you take advantage of Liv-ex contracts?

  1. Don’t overlook Special trades, which may be available at the same – or lower – prices than their SIB counterparts.
  2. Click on ‘Special’ beside the offer and a small pop up will appear.
  3. Special items will be listed in red. If there is a condition issue a photo will be included, which you can magnify to fully establish the wine’s condition before committing to buy the lot.

Contact your Account Manager to find out more.

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