Changes to Liv-ex Indices

In July, components of the Liv-ex 100 Index were updated. As the industry’s leading benchmark, the index represents 100 of the most sought-after fine wines from a variety of regions. To qualify, wines must have a 95-point score or above from a leading critic, be physically available on the market (wines trading En Primeur are excluded) and attract a regular market on Liv-ex.

To ensure that the Liv-ex 100 index accurately reflects the market, its components are revised annually: older and low liquidity wines are pushed out to make room for more active wines. Two years ago, the index shifted to include an increased number of wines from outside Bordeaux in order to reflect the broadening market. Today, 26 of the 100 components encompass Burgundy, Champagne, Italy, Rhone, Spain, USA and Australia.

This year, six older wines have been removed to make room for newer vintages, including newly physical 2012s. The changes are shown in the tables below.


The Bordeaux 500 index and Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 have also been updated this month: the 2002 vintages have been removed to make room for the 2012s. These indices are now composed of wines from 2003-2012. Components of the Bordeaux 500 index will be reviewed later this year.