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Liv-ex 网站终于有中文版!

By April 18, 2011Liv-ex updates, 中文



English to Chinese

为回到英文版请在英国旗上点击。 我们公司打算逐渐进步中文版网站的内容并在未来继续加入最新的信息。

Chinese to English

Liv-ex information pages now available in Chinese

Liv-ex has launched a comprehensive set of Chinese information pages on in order to better accommodate our Chinese visitors, trading members and Cellar Watch subscribers.

All of the major information pages can be viewed in Simplified Chinese, including those that detail the company’s history, how the exchange works, who is eligible to join as a trading member, and the various packages that are available to collectors and enthusiasts. You can access the Chinese version of a page by clicking on the relevant Chinese flag. Click on the British flag to navigate back to the English version.

We will be working to make the website more accessible to Chinese visitors throughout the year and will continue to update and add to existing Chinese content.