The buzz of late En Primeur releases has been reduced to little more than a hum this week, with 2009 trade now firmly established on the secondary market. Our analysis of the top 80 2009s shows that on average they are currently trading 20% above the price of their respective 2005s and 6% above their 2000s. So for those without the budget for a full basket of 09s, which back vintages are worth buying?

2009 vs 2005
Those on the look out for more affordable Cos D’Estournel vintages will certainly want to consider 2005. It is trading at £1,350, half the price of 2009, and boasts an impressive 98 points from Parker. Montrose 2005 (RP 95) is also a possible pick at £701, around £670 cheaper than the most recent vintage.

2009 vs 2000
Cheval 2000 is arguably one of the best value 2000s available. The wine has already secured its place amongst Parker’s 100-pointers and has seen ten years in bottle. Still, it is currently priced at £7,156 – a good £600 below 2009. Haut Brion 2000 (RP 98) is also worth a look, or two, at £4,779 – almost half the price of 2009 (RP 98-100). The wine is strikingly cheap for a 98-point Premier Cru, particularly compared to fellow First Latour 2000 – £9,600 – which received the same Parker rating.

But what of the 2009s?

Although many chateaux are trading at high premiums to previous vintages, some 2009s still appear to be relatively solid buys. Angelus 2009 is a potentially perfect wine and is trading at £2,350, 35% less than 2000 (RP 96: £3,651). Lynch Bages (RP 94-96+) also looks appealing at £980.

The table below shows a selection of wines that represent strong value in comparison with other vintages. Those to look out for are highlighted in bold.

Table 2 - 2009 vs back vintages
For further details and a full update on this month's trading, be sure to read the forthcoming July Market Report.