Leaving Las Cases

By May 18, 2010Fine Wine Market

Despite fine wine prices moving ever higher, the 'sixth' First Growth, Leoville Las Cases, has been all but ignored this past year. 

Below is a relative value graph showing the price ratio of Leoville Las Cases and the First Growths (ten most recent physical vintages) by month, back to December 2003. To keep things interesting we have removed Lafite from the calculation.


In comparison to the First Growths, Leoville Las Cases has never been so cheap. In early 2004, Las Cases was, on average, 55% the price of a First. It is now down to under 30% – even without including Lafite.

Those wanting to spread their risk away from the First Growths may want to give Las Cases a look. The 2006, 2008 and 2002 all scored 95 points or above from Parker and can be had for less than £1,000 a case. Or how about the 98-point 1996 and 2005 vintages, which can both be had for under £2,000?

The 2009 Leoville Las Cases is also worth looking out for, having scored extremely well amongst the critics; IWC 94-97; RP 96-100; NM 96-98; JR 18; WS 97-100. A potential double 100-pointer?