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The Liv-ex blog is live…

By April 16, 2008Liv-ex updates

Welcome to the Liv-ex blog. As the world’s leading fine wine exchange we thought it was time to speak to our friends and subscribers on a more regular basis.

What will we post here? Anything and everything that we feel would be of interest to those who follow the fine wine market. Be that the results of our own research; market trends and buying opportunities; interesting pronouncements and scores from the leading critics; or simply news about Liv-ex itself.

Of course, this won’t affect our extremely popular Monthly Market Report, which will continue as usual. Think of the    Liv-ex blog more as the place we put anything that won’t fit in the Report – either for reasons of space or because it just doesn’t sit in the Report’s stricter confines.

We are kicking off with news and views on the Bordeaux 2007 campaign. So watch out for our regular updates.

Of course, the other benefit of having a blog is getting feedback from you, the reader. Whether you are trade or consumer, broker or buyer, we’d love to hear from you via the comments section.