More information on Liv-ex prices, answers to frequently asked questions, and a selection of training videos to help you get started.

The Liv-ex contracts dictate the terms under which trades are settled on the Liv-ex Exchange. Before confirming an order on the system, please ensure that your company can meet the obligations of the contract. Click here to view the contract types.

To view the exchange’s most recent activity, visit the Exchange page under the Trading menu. Apply various filters to view the Best Bids (i.e. the highest bids), the Best Offers (i.e. the lowest offers), recent trades and bid-offer spreads. The tabs above the data table allow you to view activity in specific sectors of the market. You can also create your own tabs in order to monitor subsets of the market that are particularly relevant to you.  

To view a wine’s price history, click on the underlined wine name or use the search bar on the left-hand side.

Placing a bid (to buy) on Liv-ex:

To bid on a wine, you will need to respond to an offer. (You are not obliged to match the offer price.) Click on the relevant offer and an order pad will appear. If no offer is shown, simply click on the empty offer cell. Fill in your bid details, including your bid price and the quantity that you wish to buy, and select the appropriate contract type. Click on proceed and review your order details. If you have matched the offer price, or if another trading member matches your bid, you will receive a confirmation email containing your purchase details.


Placing an offer (to sell) on Liv-ex:

To place an offer, you will need to respond to a bid. Click on the relevant bid and fill in your details. If you wish to offer stock that is not SIB-compliant, please select “special contract” and fill in the contract details. If you have matched a bid price, or if another trading member matches your offer, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the terms of the trade.

Keeping track of your bids, offers, trades and list prices

All of your trading positions are shown on the page entitled Your Latest Bids and Offers. From here, you can view and edit all of your open positions. To view your recent transactions, visit Your Trades (under the More menu).

If you have sent Liv-ex your latest price list, you can also compare your prices to the wider market via the page entitled Your Latest List. Various filters can be applied to identify potential trading opportunities.