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Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification: 

Liv-ex has updated the Bordeaux Classification using the original 1855 criterion - price.

 - The 2015 Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification 

 - The 2013 Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification 

 - The 2011 Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification 

 - The 2009 Liv-ex Bordeaux Classification 


Liv-ex Power 100: 

The annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine marketplace.

- The 2014 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2013 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2012 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2011 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2010 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2009 Liv-ex Power 100 

- The 2008 Liv-ex Power 100 


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