Liv-ex Data Feeds & Valuations

Liv-ex is the leading source of independent fine wine price information and research, including the industry benchmark Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index.

Liv-ex data – direct and on-demand

Liv-ex supplies transactional data from the largest fine wine marketplace in the world. Liv-ex also collates data from merchants and auction houses worldwide.

Liv-ex is the only source of transparent, accurate and independent fine wine pricing data. All of the major traders, globally, use Liv-ex data to buy, sell and check prices on a daily basis.

  • Transparent transactional data direct from the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange
  • Accurate pricing derived from proprietary methodologies
  • Independent of its members, Liv-ex holds no stock and does not take a position

Fast, efficient, accurate, comprehensive

Among many other uses, Liv-ex Data Services enable businesses to:  

  • View Liv-ex bids, offers and trades directly on in-house systems.
  • Integrate Liv-ex offers into broking lists, automatically.
  • Build market analysis systems that alert traders to opportunities to buy and sell
  • Price customer reserves or current stock holdings electronically, on-demand
  • Create customer-facing trading screens
  • Value stock using the Liv-ex Mid Price – our proprietary mark-to-market methodology


Licensees can include Liv-ex prices and charts in their communications and share Liv-ex research and analysis with their customers.

Liv-ex can also produce bespoke pricing reports and valuations. Please contact for more details.