More information on Liv-ex prices, answers to frequently asked questions, and a selection of training videos to help you get started.

Liv-ex provides parallel sets of pricing information:

  • Market Price: This is based on the cheapest 6 and 12-pack prices advertised by leading merchants in the EU. (Where appropriate, alternative unit sizes are used for the calculation.) It provides a guide as to the price you are likely to pay for SIB-compliant stock in the market.
  • List price: Prices received from Liv-ex's global network of fine wine merchants.
  • Average Price: The mean price of all stock listed by member merchants, weighted for volume.
  • Liv-ex Trade Price: The price at which the wine traded on the Liv-ex Exchange.
  • Benchmark Liv-ex Trade: The most recent 6x75cl or 12x75cl trade converted to a 12-pack price.
  • Bid: The price at which Liv-ex trading members are currently bidding (to buy) for the wine on the exchange.
  • Offer: The price at which Liv-ex trading members are offering (to sell) the wine for on the exchange.


Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for in-bond stock in good condition (a contract type termed SIB).