Join the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange

Membership of the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange is available to any professional trader of fine wine. (If you are a collector or private investor, please visit to access Liv-ex price data, track your cellar value and analyse the market.)

Joining Liv-ex takes no longer than a few minutes – sign up below to get instant access to Liv-ex’s unrivalled market information and price data. After joining you can apply for trading privileges on the Exchange, enabling you to buy and sell wine on the platform.

Liv-ex membership fee is a single flat rate of £1,750 per company per year, with no limit on the number of users of the exchange within that company.

How to become a trading member of Liv-ex:

1. Click “Join Liv-ex” below and fill in your company information.

2. Pay your membership fee for immediate access to Liv-ex price data and market information
Please note: Initial payment through the website will be based on GBP£1,750. For Euro customers, it will be converted into Euros at the current rate. Once you have joined and moved onto recurrent billing the Euro amount will be fixed as per the current tariff.

3. In order to trade on Liv-ex, you will need to become a Liv-ex member and your application will require two references who must be members of the wine trade, preferably based in the UK. The form must be signed by a director or authorised signatory of the company. Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed by the Liv-ex Membership Committee. If you do not have all of the required information to apply for trading privileges straight away, you can complete your application at a later date.

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