About the Exchange

Liv-ex is the global marketplace for fine wine. It gives members access to a vast pool of trade buyers and sellers, comprehensive market data and fast and efficient settlement.

How to join Liv-ex

To join Liv-ex you must be a wine merchant or a professional wine trader. Signing up takes just a few minutes and access to Liv-ex’s unrivalled market information and price data is available immediately following payment.

After joining the exchange you can apply to the Membership Committee for trading privileges, enabling you to buy and sell wine on the platform. Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed. To avoid delay, please provide two trade references. References must be members of the wine trade, preferably based in the UK.

Collectors and enthusiasts can gain access to comprehesive fine wine market data and information with a Liv-ex Cellar Watch subscription.


Membership fee

Starting at £750 per annum, the membership fee is based on the number of users who wish to access the Liv-ex trading platform at each company. Each licence allows that user to take advantage of our price data and other information for the purposes of their day-to-day trading requirements. (Any other use of our data or indices for valuation, marketing, research or other commercial non-trading purposes will require an additional licence – more information.)

Annual Membership Fee 2014 GBP EUR
1 User Licence 750 900
2-3 Users Licence 1,500 1,800
4-5 Users Licence 2,000 2,400
6-10 Users Licence 3,000 3,600
11-15 Users Licence 4,000 4,800
16+ Users Licence 5,000 6,000


A small commission is charged (to both buyer and seller) on the trades that take place on the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange. The rate of commission is dependent on the value of trade that the company has performed on Liv-ex in a calendar year.

Settlement fee

There is also a fixed £3.50 (€4.20) per unit charge. The settlement fee covers logistics costs and includes the first three months of storage. This fee does not include insurance costs. Members can either take advantage of Liv-ex’s comprehensive cover, for a small additional fee, or opt out and arrange their own cover. Please contact Vine for full details of the Liv-ex insurance policy.

Commission Payable 2014
Annual turnover GBP Annual turnover EUR %
From 0 - 150k From 0 - 180k 2.50
From 151k - 500k From 181k - 600k 2.00
From 501k - 1M From 601k - 1.2m 1.75
From 1M - 3M From 1.2m - 3.6m 1.50
From 3M - 5M From 3.6m - 6m 1.25
From 5M+ From 6m+ 1.00
Settlement fee per unit: £3.5  /  €4.2    

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