About the Exchange



Membership fee

Membership is charged at a single flat rate of £1,500 per company per year with no limit on the number of users of the exchange within that company. Membership allows users to take advantage of Liv-ex price data and other information for the purposes of their day-to-day trading requirements. Any other use of Liv-ex data or indices for valuation, marketing, research or other commercial non-trading purposes will require an additional licence.


    A single flat rate of commission of 2% is charged (to both buyer and seller) on the trades that take place on the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange.

    Optional Fixed Commission

Optional commission packages are available to make it easier for Liv-ex members to trade and for members who expect to trade in greater volumes. These give Exchange members the opportunity to set their commission at a low, flat rate for a 12 month period. The rates are as follows:

  • - 1.75% for an additional £1,500 (€2,100) per annum
    - 1.5% for an additional £4,000 (€5,600) per annum
    - 1% for an additional £12,000 (€16,800) per annum

    Settlement fee

      There is also a fixed £3.50 (€4.90) per unit charge. The settlement fee covers logistics costs and includes the first three months of storage. This fee does not include insurance costs. Members can either take advantage of Liv-ex’s comprehensive cover, for a small additional fee, or opt out and arrange their own cover. 


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