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Can I trade wine on Liv-ex?

If you are a wholesaler, merchant, trader or wine fund, anywhere in the world, then you may be able to trade wine on Liv-ex. Trading membership is exclusive to fine wine professionals and all trading members have to be approved by the membership committee before their accounts can be activated.

Liv-ex also provides price data and impartial market information to enthusiasts, collectors and the media through our range of Cellar Watch subscriptions. If you see a deal to be done, then you can instruct your merchant to trade on your behalf.

How do I become a trading member?

To join Liv-ex as a trading member you must be a wine merchant or a professional wine trader. Please join the exchange and apply for trading privileges.

You will need to provide two trade references, who must be members of the wine trade, preferably based in the UK. The form must be signed by a director or authorised signatory of the company. Find out more about the application process, the membership fee and comission packages here.

Why can’t I find the wine I'm looking for on Liv-ex?

There are two possible reasons for this: Firstly, you may not be searching correctly. Liv-ex's search function is designed to look for keywords. For best results, search for the most identifiable part of the wine name only (leaving out words such as "chateau", "des", "la" etc). The second possibility is that your wine has not been added to the Liv-ex database. To request an addition, please email

What are Liv-ex auctions?

Auctions provide Liv-ex trading members with an alternative means of buying or offering stock. To put stock up for auction, please visit the Marketplace page and click on the Auction tab.

How do I take part in an auction?

Once logged into your Liv-ex account go to the Auction tab. A list of current auctions on Liv-ex will be displayed. Click on the auction that interests you and fill in your bidding details. Please note that the Liv-ex proxy bidding system will automatically bid on your behalf if there is a competing bid. Liv-ex will continue to place bids up to the maximum that you have specified unless the reserve price has been met or another member outbids you. This ensures that you do not have to keep coming back each time a new bid is placed. You will never be forced to pay your maximum bid unless a competing bidder forces the price to that level. If another member’s bid exceeds your maximum spend, Liv-ex will notify you by email. All Liv-ex auctions close at 5pm UK time on the day of expiry.

How representative are Liv-ex prices of the global fine wine market?

Liv-ex collects merchant prices from its global trading membership, which currently spans more than 30 countries and six continents. Nonetheless, the majority of prices that are displayed on originate from leading buyers and sellers of fine wine in Europe, which remains the international hub of the fine wine trade.

What is the difference between Market Prices and Liv-ex Trade Prices?

Liv-ex provides parallel sets of pricing information:

Market Price: This is based on the cheapest 6 and 12-pack prices advertised by leading merchants in the EU. It provides a guide as to the price you are likely to pay for in-bond stock in good condition.

Liv-ex Trade Price: The price at which the wine has actually traded on the Liv-ex Exchange.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are for in-bond stock in good condition (a contract type termed SIB). For a full explanation of all of the different Liv-ex prices, please click here.

May I reproduce Liv-ex logos, charts or price data?

If you wish to reproduce our logos, indices or price data, please contact us.

Are journalists given free access to Liv-ex price data?

Liv-ex provides journalists and academics with current and historical prices at no charge. Please direct all requests to

Can I use Vine’s logistics or storage services if I am not a Liv-ex trading member?

Vine is happy to fulfil business that originates on or off the exchange.

Can I use Vine if I am a private customer?

Vine’s services are only available to those dealing in the import and export of fine wines. This does not include private individuals. For more information, please contact Vine.

Why is Vine charging for insurance?

As part of our commitment to low costs and transparency, it has become clear that we need to change the way that we look at insurance. Rather than increase our current charges for all members, we opted to keep fees low by offering insurance as an additional option for those that are not already sufficiently covered.

What are the benefits of Vine’s insurance policy?

Making sure your wine is fully insured during storage and transport is vitally important. Experience shows that not all insurance products in the market provide cover to the level expected. For this reason we ask you to read the key facts document provided by Vine’s insurers. This is a comprehensive insurance policy and protects, within reason, your risks.

Do I have to use Vine’s insurance policy?

No, if you have your own cover you can opt-out.

How do I opt-out?

Please contact and we will send you an opt-out form to be completed, signed and returned. Please do not opt-out unless you have clarified with your insurer that you will be covered when using Vine’s storage or transport services.

If I opt-out, what is Vine’s liability under the terms of UKWA and BIFA?

If you choose to opt-out then the level of liability is minimal. UKWA terms provide £100 per 1000 kg and BIFA’s provide £2 per kg. Based on a normal 9L case weighing roughly 22kgs, our maximum liability is £2.20 in storage or £44.00 via transport.

I only sell wines on the exchange, does this affect me?

No, insurance is only chargeable for wines we store or transport on your behalf.

Does this also affect wine picked up from Vine Bordeaux?

Customers collecting stocks from Vine Bordeaux will not be charged insurance as stocks will be held at Liv-ex’s risk.

What does Vine charge for insurance?

Vine will charge 0.015% per month (or 15p per £1,000) for insurance against the market value of your stocks in storage. An admin fee of £10 per month will also be levied, whenever a charge for insurance is made. Transport insurance will be charged at 0.25% for UK and European deliveries and 0.5% for deliveries to the rest of the world. There will also be an admin fee of £5 per shipment.

How will charges be calculated and when will I be charged?

The value of your stocks in storage will be calculated against the Liv-ex Market Price on the last day of each fortnightly accounting period (15th and the last day of the month). You will be charged against the average of these two values. Storage insurance will be invoiced once per month. Transport insurance will be invoiced when goods are dispatched.

Will I automatically be charged for insurance in every month that I buy wine through Liv-ex?

If there is no stock in your account the end of each accounting period you will not be charged, irrespective of whether there was wine in your account between these dates.