Liv-ex Market Leading Data



Data Services

Liv-ex can supply fine wine market data as an electronic feed, allowing instant retrieval of large amounts of data.


Fine wine indices

Liv-ex's family of indices are widely acknowledged to be the fine wine industry's leading benchmarks. All of the indices are calculated using the Liv-ex Mid Price.


Liv-ex as valuer

Liv-ex can act as the appointed valuer to wine funds and undertake other valuations when mark-to-market price information is needed. 


L-WIN the universal wine identifier

L-WIN serves as a universal wine identifier for the wine trade. L-WIN is a unique seven-digit numerical code that can be used to quickly and accurately identify a product.


Liv-ex widgets

Integrate Liv-ex data directly with your website using the trade ticker widget, enabling your customers to see a rolling ribbon of recent Liv-ex trades.


Fine wine market research

As the leading source of independent fine wine price information, Liv-ex is uniquely positioned to provide accurate and objective fine wine market research.


Liv-ex badges

The Liv-ex badges are exclusively and officially used to designate that your company subscribes to Liv-ex services.



Offex data is information provided by our members about their sales transactions off-the-exchange (Offex). Over £1bn of trade data is captured and made available to participating members.


Bid/Offer Notifications

The Liv-ex notification widget allows members to be alerted to trading opportunities instantly on their desktop, even if they are not logged in to the website.