Liv-ex Data Feeds & Valuations

Liv-ex is the leading source of independent fine wine price information and research, including the industry benchmark Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index.

Liv-ex Bids and Offers: Free to all members

Integrate Liv-ex trading data with your stock spreadsheet or internal database

Increase your trading efficiency by viewing Liv-ex bids and offers directly on an automatically updated Excel spreadsheet or other internal database. Include Liv-ex offers on your broking list and set up trading alerts.

Also available free to all Liv-ex Members:

  • Recent Trade Ticker: display a rolling ribbon of Liv-ex trades on your website
  • Liv-ex Indices: Keep your customers up to date with market moves


Available as part of a subscription package:

Internal Stock Valuation:

Instantly price company stock, monitor trading activity and analyse trends

Integrate Liv-ex data with internal systems to instantly price company stocks and keep up-to-date with market movements.

Data: Market Price, Average Price, Last Trade (benchmark) and Auction

Private Reserves Valuation:

Share Liv-ex data with your customers – increasing stock turnover and sales.

Use Liv-ex data to provide your customers with live market data and insight. Provide reserves valuations to up to 1,000 customers. Additional users can be added to the licence for 10p per user, per month.

Data: Market Price, Average Price, Last Trade (benchmark) and Auction

Online Marketplace:

Expose the Liv-ex pool of liquidity to your customers

Use Liv-ex data to create online trading screens for your customers – increasing price transparency and trading turnover.

Data: Best Bid, Best Offer, Last Trade (including date and quantity traded)

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