About the Exchange

Liv-ex is the global marketplace for fine wine. It gives members access to a vast pool of trade buyers and sellers, comprehensive market data and fast and efficient settlement.

Liv-ex is the leading online marketplace for fine wine. The exchange provides members with access to the largest pool of trade buyers and sellers globally – including merchants, brokers, retailers, importers, exporters and wine funds. Trading takes place both online and via the telephone, with all trade settled anonymously.

Trading members also benefit from comprehensive market information, including real-time trading data, price histories and complete transparency on trading prices. With commission rates as low as 1%, Liv-ex is the lowest-cost route to market in the industry.

As a global exchange, Liv-ex has more than 400 members in 33 countries and six continents. It is estimated that together they account for the vast majority of global fine wine turnover.


The exchange is overseen by the membership committee, which is made up of appointed members of the trade and Liv-ex management.
The committee vets new members and sets the exchange's rules. Every trade on Liv-ex is governed by a pre-agreed trading contract.

Independently owned, Liv-ex holds no stock and does not make a market on the platform.

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