About Liv-ex

Based in London but with a global reach, Liv-ex offers innovative trading, data and logistics services to fine wine merchants and professionals. 

Liv-ex is the global marketplace for professional buyers and sellers of fine wine. Established in 1999, it has brought new standards of efficiency and transparency to a traditionally opaque market. Its services include the Liv-ex online trading platform, market-leading data services and Vine, a specialist logistics solution.



Liv-ex runs an internet and phone-based trading and settlement platform for fine wine merchants and professionals. (Non-professionals can take advantage of Liv-ex’s collector offering, Cellar Watch.) The platform gives members access to the largest pool of buyers and sellers in the world and is the trade's most cost-effective route to market.



Liv-ex has built the world’s largest database of standardised fine wine prices. As a result, it is the leading source of independent fine wine price information and research, including the industry benchmark Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index. From automated data feeds to in-depth research projects, all data is delivered with efficiency and discretion. Liv-ex also acts as the official valuer for many leading wine funds.


Liv-ex’s subsidiary, Vine, is a specialist storage and transport solution for the fine wine trade. Vine’s innovative website provides access to stock records, movement details and photos, enabling customers to efficiently track orders online. Vine is also the only storage provider that is fully integrated with Liv-ex, making trading on the platform convenient and efficient.